Seventeen, scoop, shiny-eyed with hearts

Seventeen City brunch - hotels - in scoop, with the hearts~

NCT127 Johnny, a you can't atmosphere

NCT127 The Sun, Music and a leisurely~

NCT127 Johnny, including one full

Online & off, MK, Scion visual

Neon punching bag, personality hairstyles

Kim, see Honk Attractiveness~

Chan-Hee, Lily Fever have been of the universe smile

Seventeen of us, your eyes Boy don't 'Music Bank commute'

Kim, Well I'm begging you~ examples of other benefits or

Seventeen wins, a library, a cute shawl Fashion 'Music Bank commute'

Boom 'Sight Sweep patch one piece'

Choi Myeong-Gil 'Elegant entry'

Jang Dong-gun 'Charisma masterpiece engraved in Seoul Land'

Han Hye-jin 'Shiny eyes'

Jung Eun-chae 'Even the leather jacket looks nice to make elegant' (airport fashion)

Byun Jung-soo 'Early Morning Elegant Departure'

Warner One River Daniel - Narrow Nebula - Sung Woo 'Entrance of shining gods' (Airport Fashion)

Hong Soo-hyun 'Simmung Heart,' (wealthy son Son Jung-yeon)