Lee Hee-joon, 25kg weight and unearthly wild

Han Ji-min, Lovely, Beautiful looks 'Face in lights or'

Han Ji-min, Miso with greetings

Han Ji-min, 'the Word if mouth sore Beautiful looks'

Han Ji-min, 'I understand fashion is also perfectly~'

'Nanshan, Director of the Department of children' premiere find Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min - Lee, Min-Jung 'Flash the Baptist to call the shiny, Beautiful looks'

Han Ji-min, refreshing Hand greeting (the man of property part of their VIP premiere)

Han Ji-min 'Gorgeous premiere fashion'

Han Ji-min 'So pretty in costume as the Sight spread'

Han Ji-min 'Esoteric fashion also Beautiful looks'

Han Ji-min, Seo Min-jung

Han Ji-min, Jewelry our pupils

Lee Byung-hun X Kwok also X Lee Hee-Joon, standing only because of the charisma Explosion