'The National Actor' Kim Hye and 'The' IS the Medal of Culture to receive.

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Culture decoration Certification Published "Awards received with Ami"

Dark & ​​amp; Wild V, 'Sermon, real story?'

BTS, Lee Soon-jae and Kim Young-ok and others

Dark & ​​Wild Jungkook, 'Trembling moment'

Suga, 'I can not take my eyes off.'

Medal of Culture Dark & ​​amp; Wild Jean-RM-Jay Hop, 'I'm so happy.'

Dark & ​​amp; Wild J-Hop 'I feel great ~'

Dark & ​​amp; Wild Suga, Medal of Culture Award

City field entry → Time cover .. BTS's amazing '1 day 1 history'

"Hangul, not our own words" .. Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Hangeul Day New History Writes

"Dark & ​​Wild, footsteps like the Beatles"

'All right!' Around the world, the BTS, the youngest cultural commendation

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Medal of Culture .. First Idol and the youngest ever

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, youngest Medal of Culture "Hallyu-Korean spread"

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Cultural decoration .. "Contributing to the spread of Korean Wave and Hangul" (Comprehensive)

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, receive government decoration