'All The Butlers' Lee Yeong-ae, 'Mom, Lee Yeong-ae of'day and 'The horse's weight'

'Diet order one' Prodigy 17kg weight loss success

Boy group Seventeen(Joshua, Hoshi, Kim former General Manager, Andy Hill, Vernon, victory Museum, Dino)of the screen information to the public.

"1 year for end" 'Vagabond' Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy, 250 billion for the start of the weight beyond the (comprehensive)

Jung Woo-sung "the Responsibility of weight feel, weighed down get."

Jung Woo-sung "As an actor and also for the responsibility? weight on the weighed down line."

Lee Seung-gi, an additional says acceptance "Seoul Music Awards weight so large did not know."

Lee Seung-gi "Seoul Music Awards of the weight cut..'All The Butlers' Ah , beat me to appreciate."

Lee Seung-gi "Seoul Music Awards, two letters are given a weight so large did not know."

'Terius behind me' Jung In-sun, wearing underwear for underwater Shin for 3 months

'K pop star 3' Bernard Park → Chun Joon, after 21kg weight loss actor visual transformation

'weight and love'Running Man', secret secrets of members

'Running Man' Jeon So-min, weight Public "54kg, not 49kg"

Jeon So-min, "That's 49 ... 54kg." Embarrassment