Gugudan washing, Sight-catching pure charm "Past travel"

Gugudan washing, white shirt, but even in pure beauty Explosion 'Daily pictorial'

washing, sensual great joy

Gugudan washing the bagels Food, and was certified.

Group Gugudan member washing this water right, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

washing, juicer of a wink 'Heart-fluttering'

washing Mina, cute wink+lip squatting even 'Beautiful looks Explosion'

Gugudan washing, Southern properly a sniper as a wink 'Juice Beauty patience'

Samsung Group multiplication member washing the Doll like Beautiful looks for the best choice.

washing, flower still believe as Clijsters 'Dazzling Miso in Poplar'

washing, over-fit suit Perfect match digest 'Pure beauty the other did.'

washing, for standard and 'The Show' Waiting room authentication-shot "Sister song is fantastic."

washing, human vitamin down as Miso 'View fatigue'

Gugudan or video, washing Gary McKinnon activities Cheering..a bright two-shot

Group Gugudan washing this beauty and had.

Gugudan washing, Friday Fan center low price Beautiful looks

washing, the Spring of the fairy not? Pure+as one complete Beautiful looks

Gugudan washing, also Shine in the dark..'Atmosphere Goddess'

Singer washing this in the right way.

washing this the first mini album 'Flowerpot'of the title song Mnet Asian Music Awards Teaser to the public.