Group Gugudan member washing this refreshing visuals were proud.

Gugudan washing this lush Beauty pictorial to be revealed.

Gugudan washing "Recently 'I'Looking for things to focus on."

Gugudan washing, Taiwan promo Castle..Taiwan Top star and shoulder side

"A devilish smile"..'Gugudan' washing, the original application Concert MC Celebratory photo

Gugudan washing 'Taiwan fans met.'

washing, comely Hand greeting

washing, pure terminal and airport fashion

Gugudan I s 'Birthday today.'

Gugudan Mina 'Liz, if you are the record owner'

Gugudan washing, Love Rain, full of pretty smile

Gugudan Mina - washing, chilly with weather in the lapel and

Gugudan washing, unique one of a fashion

washing 'Costumes fluttering, ABS backkom'(The Show)

Gugudan Mina - washing,'Sight grabs the stage'

Gugudan washing 'Snowy Road-catching unusual outfit'

Gugudan washing - Hana Hana 'Similar commute in fashion'

Gugudan Sally, washing this 11 13 p.m. in Seoul, MAPO-GU, Sangam-Dong SBS Prism Tower held at SBS MTV 'More show' live broadcast from the stage unfold.

Gugudan washing, 'A bright smile'

Gugudan washing, and resolutely exposed abs