TWICE Sana, grapefruit colored hair, The Metamorphosis

TWICE Mina, fairy visual

TWICE the expression, mystical atmosphere

TWICE unit Teaser

TWICE unit Teaser, within a Park, but

"Pretty boys next to the pretty boys"..TWICE, a complete comeback photo first public

TWICE Sana - JIHYO - Mina, shiny visuals

TWICE the US, or Abort the Activity→a new album willingness to eye for Teaser revealed

TWICE JIHYO, the title song 'Feel Special' Teaser revealed..alluring presence

TWICE Sana right? Teaser rate Yushui in the cold dreary atmosphere

TWICE, the new album studded work with public ... with management from all members involved

"Soon 23!" TWICE JEONGYEON, teaser and another refreshing youthful 'Reality of beauty'

"Blonde Snow White"..TWICE Sana, Beautiful looks explosive Self gift

TWICE Nayeon and JEONGYEON and MOMO, comeback photo first-public..mystical beauty

TWICE JEONGYEON, comeback Teaser revealed..'Captivating eyes+shiny visuals'

Samsung Group TWICE the comeback.

TWICE Sana, Chicken feed also 'So pretty'

TWICE MOMO seize Nayeon heart-fluttering Attractiveness, as the fruit did eat?

TWICE Sana, water and other pure blonde Goddess

TWICE the expression, refreshing youthful charm "MOMO Sister go take a class"