Actor Son Seokgu with tvN on every '60 days, the Designated Survivor' End source revealed.

Actor Song Seung Heon to shoot make public.

Within a group Gugudan member Mina appeared confident of 'Hotel Del one day' sales went up.

Recently, tvN Fly to the Sky 'Seville The Barber of starred and steady buzz has that Actor the people of fashion magazine 'Cosmopolitan' 9 June through the pictorial to the public.

Actor Hwang Young hee of 'Hotel Del one day' showing the stand-to was.

tvN on every '60 days, the Designated Survivor' Party with a staff group photo was unveiled.

This expression "Tomorrow(27 days) 'Hotel Del one day' The day" - these unique to the snapshot

'Enter search terms WWW' This current lot "puppy with heart-warming Kemi"

'Visual a couple.'..IU X Yeo Jin-goo, a fantastic Kemi

Good Data Corporation provides the last 8 released 7 November in 1 car TV topic create KBS Drama Special Division 1 for the MBC 'Spring night'is accounted for.

Actor Jung Hae In Han Ji-min cast of 'Spring night'this TV Topic 1 position was recaptured.

'No pass Chronicles'with 5 consecutive weeks TV topic create KBS Drama Special # 1(Good Data Corporation provides a standards)accounted for.

Song Joong-ki(34)-Song Hye-kyo(37) Couple to destroy the news on Song Joong-ki cast of the tvN weekend drama 'No pass Chronicles' next for attention was not only the viewership at large was unchanged.

No pass Chronicles, Song Joong-ki divorce and crafts and even viewership large fluctuations not