"Visual sangjin" .. Park Hyung-sik, Mirror Self Heo Hoon

"Honam's Crystal Stone" .. Park Hyung-sik, self-luminous visual

'Baby soldier' ​​Park Hyung-sik Full-speed Model Recruitment

Actor Ko Sung-hee, "It's okay if you do not mind it."

Ko Sung-hee, Growth and anxiety as an actor

Park Hyung-sik, eyes full of bloody eyes 'Simung'

Park Hyung-sik, 'Bruise' filled up

Park Hyung-sik, Self-confident Self 'Cat eyes'

Park Hyung-sik, 'Suits' naked 'The Jurors' wore .. Screen occupation expectation ↑

Ko Sung-hee "Jang Dong-gun, Energizer Park Hyung-sik"

'Suits' Ko Sung-hee "Now than love"

'Suits' Ko Sung-hee "Now than love"