Look, this Smoking Ye 'More game' shot in the Iced coffee The Gift "Warming of SM and"

This is SM 'Visual Skyline'..Yunho X EXO Guardian

'Chen Exiting' request EXO, some fans "SM answer if there are no Protests venturing"

EXO Chen marriage as mandolin fans "The team to exit, the SM answers to Protests venturing"

EXO fan club in the SM, Chen Exiting Protests warning

EXO fan club "Coming 18 Chen, the Exiting decision is not Collective behavior Stone is" SM is a strong requirement

Chen marriage announcement on mandolin EXO fans "SM answer there are no Protests would be"

EXO Guardian, SM chief Lee Soo-man and then shot.."Thanks"

'marriage announcement' Chen in EXO - El, etc turned.."Exiting requirements, the SM replies to"

EXO Guardian, SM Lee Soo-man Cheering in a laugh "Thanks"

EXO Chen this hassle 16 and Pregnant and the marriage announced at once, for among Wedding ceremony on a raised sidewalk has emerged.

EXO Chen this marriage, Out of wedlock news among the rumors about the denied.

EXO Chen marriage announcement and Out of wedlock row in the "Mentor days" VS "Blessings" fandom nutrients

EXO Chen, a surprise marriage announcement

EXO Chen, marriage announcement..SM "priest is a non-celebrity, all the certain non-public"

SM "EXO Chen Wedding ceremony, Guilty by Suspicion on progress.. blessings favor"

EXO Chen, marriage+16 and Pregnant fold change..the fans "Containers are"and SM "Schedule changes no"(comprehensive)

EXO Chen, the fans in a handwritten letter as a marriage and 2 years news public..SM "Many blessings and celebration favor"

SM side "EXO Chen Groom & Bride of the Day: Tooth Fairy Wedding Pl 16 and Pregnant, responsible Look look look forward"

'EXO' Chen, will be married..SM side "priest is a non-Smoking celebrity, Wedding ceremony non-public progress"(professional)