Lee Kwang-Soo "For The Image burden? Happy, satisfied."

'My special brother' Lee Kwang-Soo "'Running Man' The Image blame the comic I look worried"

'My special brother' Shin Ha-kyun X A X Esom, Kemi Christmas special (Cine town)

Kim Hyang Gi "Autism smoke meticulously Kong Family Mansion.. scenario in mind and get warm"

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung "I Initiative out of people, the dirt, the opportunity was."

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung "Center role, not even awkward not."

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung, "Kim Hyang Gi, big inspiration, a good colleague and partner in the"

'Witnesses' supervision "The current generation of people sympathetic to the power and frequency"

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung, "And half of the Character, healing feeling"

"Healing that feeling" force minus the Jung Woo-sung X autistic girl, Kim Hyang Gi 'Witnesses' over you(Composite)

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung "scenario healing feel..warm Emotions"

Jung Woo-sung "the'witness', scenario reading and healing is feeling"

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung "The Center Character, but it is free, without a circle connection."

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung "starring Salman Khan decision, a special angle that didn't have to."

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung "scenario reading and healing. special each. it was not necessary."

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung "scenario covered when healing felt."

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung and Kim Hyang Gi the perfect warm temperature