Ha Ji-won, when the more Shining Romance pure beauty

Bae Suzy 'Just a street bench sit even pictorial'

Benefits, atmosphere everyday.."Beautiful looks is a hard one"

Kim Hee-sun, this Nine Room' shooting scene photos public.

BTS X Charlie die."Catastrophe."VS"not empty from it" this year is also punctuated with a number of skills controversy

'Short-haired transformation' Kim Tae-ri

Han Sunhwa, a 29-year-old birthday party in the Romans 'I'll be happy with your smile.'

Park Gyuri "During KARA, I was happy to concentrate solely on work."

Uhm Jung-hwa, sunglasses, one picture only complete 'Grass crush one-way'

'Health problem' Stern, it's all better now

Kim So-hyun, pictorial behind-the-scenes .. still Goddess Force

'Goddess reincarnation' Oh Yeon-seo

Lee Joon-gi, "It looks like a beating on the chin"

Lee Joon-gi, "It looks like a beating on the chin"

Oh Yeon-seo, the head sweeps the picture 'Goddess of true atmosphere'