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Jung Woo-sung, a living piece

Jung Woo-sung, 'piece the same side~' (Busan International Film Festival)

'The 24th Busan IPark International Film Festival(hereinafter 'BIFF', Busan International Film Festival)' The Opening Ceremony Red Carpet events is 3 PM Busan IPark Busan Haeundae District of the movie in the hall was held.

Jung Woo-sung, a living piece

Jung Woo-sung 'piece of hand Blue'

Jung Woo-sung 'piece of the Red Carpet'

This day, learn the pattern and Jung Woo-sung this MC his BIFF in the opening ceremony that learning the right to move the command Ryu Seung-Ryong Jin Sun Kyu resonance the night to describe his devices was a tag line this is interference in the(Exo guardian) Kim Smith surge analysis this crack hands-Sook Kim reported the approach Hyunjoo Kim Gyu and Cho Jin-Woong Uhm Jung-Hwa and the right rate of placement over the hand is from the Kim's Chun Woo-hee the full analysis of this standard, the reform went box a cockpit any profit back to the kids to Eugene Cheetah Baek Jin-Young(freshly seven faction), movie Director Lim Kwon Taek Chung-Day service, but this disease contribute more than this, the move near the water than near a stop such as if you attended the Send is scheduled.

Jung Woo-sung, 'piece of smile'

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Actor Jung Woo-sung, now climbing certification with public.

Jung Woo-sung, Bill Nye came in unchanged that the piece looks '47-year-old, right?'

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