Super Siem Reap Baekhyun, the first Trailer video a movie scale

'SHINee and EXO and NCT and WayV Cong' Super Thu, 10 November 4 Vail take off

Fashion magazine 'Maria Grazia Cucinotta'the NCT 127 Doyoung and with the public.

NCT DREAM of youth energy and compelling screen information to the public.

SM STATION Season 3 via solo song 'Long Flight' is announced for NCT 127 Taeyong this 'Bazaar' 9 in a pictorial and interview to progress.

Beauty Media "'Lee Soo-man producing' Super Siem Reap, the biggest cheers..K-pop this that the debut will be"

"K-Pop The Avengers" SHINee X EXO X NCT SuperM foreign attention

SHINee and EXO and NCT Cong Idol emerges

SHINee+EXO+NCT=Super Siem Reap..United States of America aimed at SM, the new strategy through until

SHINee+EXO+NCT Union team, SuperM, October 10 global launching.."CMG request+this function is only producing"

"K-Pop The Avengers"..SM, SHINee and EXO and NCT etc 7-configuration 'Super Siem Reap' announcement

EXO and NCT 127 'SM Town Concert for Japan Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings to departure'

SM side "SHINee and EXO and NCT Cong new boy group launch, of 8, official announcement"(Official position)

SM, SHINee+EXO+NCT project group creating one.."8 announcement expected"

EXO+SHINee+NCT Cong Union team, born?..SM side "8 announcement expected"

EXO Sehun - Chanyeol 'Foot treadmill spare no departure enjoy'

EXO Guardian 'SM Town Live will be back soon. I'

SM side "EXO+SHINee+NCT new boy group? 8 8 the official announcement"

The first World Tour for an NCT 127(yen city 127, SM Entertainment affiliation)this Russian St. Petersburg and Moscow, in London, England this France Paris performances, until the Europe tour successfully finished.

EXO Su - Kai(EXO), 'Bizarre Story 3' support shooting me why(feat. NCT 127)