EXO Guardian 'Self-portrait', Gaon Music Chart 14 car Weekly Album # 1

EXO Guardian Gary McKinnon debut congratulations to juniors NCT Jaehyun..'A heart-warming friendship'

"Gary McKinnon debut celebration to"..NCT 127 Jaehyun, EXO protection and visual proud of

EXO Guardian, Yes 24 3 November 4-week album sales Rank 1

NCT London 줜, 21st birthday congratulations pouring in..pure 'Pillow Self' The Gift

BTS Jimin # 1, personal brand reputation at the top..2 for normal and 3 for each

BTS, boy group personal brand reputation # 1→ # 6 car, but..Jimin # 1 and Jungkook and Dresden 2 and 3 above

BTS Jimin, 3 monthly group personal brand reputation 1

Boy group Personal Brand Reputation, BTS sweeping..Jimin and Jungkook with each side leading

BTS this group brand reputation 1 ranked.

BTS, a 3-monthly group brand reputation 1..EXO and NCT back

BTS, 3 monthly Samsung Group brand reputation 1..EXO 2‧NCT # 3

BTS, a 3-monthly group brand reputation 1 for..2 for EXO and 3 for the NCT

'EXO' Chanyeol and Sehun, Thailand performing 'NCT Dream' cheer 'Warming juniors love'

NCT Jaehyun "The first after the tour 'I'm a real Singer one well said'You think"

NCT DREAM(yen City dream)this is the Thailand Concert, and successfully finished.

NCT 127, American Thanksgiving festival to participate..members of the 'A smile'

This day the scene in the parade for the 350 million people of people gather in for the situation alone, and the United States of America NBC channel and YouTube live through in about 5 million viewers to the local high attention to once again realize was.