'Ago brought Jung Woo-sung, the Date the request+bouquet gift. Lee Young-ja is melted.

Monsta X, 'Each caught the choreography'

Monsta X im, 'Charismatic eyes'

Monsta X Min-Hyuk, 'Intense eyes, charisma'

Monsta X Wonho 'Now going to wear next to the site of the game...'

Monsta X-Type 'The visuals leave you'

Monsta X Wonho 'Gorgeous visuals'

Monsta X 'Crazy jumping ability'

Monsta X democratic reform 'Ratio ysj'

Monsta X wait for the 'Type and of Hand greeting'

Monsta X wait for the 'Even harder laugh than the Pro Idol'

Monsta X Wonho 'Pink fairies'

Monsta X democratic reform 'Beautiful Hand greeting'

Monsta X im 'Rough charisma'

Monsta X wait for the 'Handsome eyes'

Monsta X 'A tough-looking group'

Charisma Squirting Monsta X

Monsta X 'Power full'

Group Astro member, actor Cha Eun-woo with heart-warming visuals showed off.