3 days afternoon broadcast SBS TV 'Running Man'to 'Take your favorite lace'has unfolded in the midst, comedian Hong Hyun hee and actor Park JI Hyun as a guest appeared.

Running Man members special make up Look I did.

Llama as make up for Yoo Jae Suk's shocking visuals was unveiled.

'Running Man' Yoo Jae Suk, Jeon So-min, Song JI Hyo, Yang and more as a penalty the make up was.

Actress Jeon So-min Minions make up finished.

Learn Steel pink gem of tvN drama, 'Cheap Each home site' shooting scene was unveiled.

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'Running Man' Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang-Soo laughter true to The Mission at One more example, but had been struggling.

TWICE Nayeon right? 'Old information' Choi Min-Sik, The Metamorphosis..military all up

This Video, Song Hye-kyo make leaves and 19 gold beans※

'Running Man' Ji Suk-jin x Jeon So-min make up the opening, whipped cream and water bombs ending fun↑..26 fan meeting 'Run the tool' progress

'Running Man' Ji Suk-jin X, Jeon So-min opening penalty-time 'Fear of a two-shot'

'Running Man' Jeon So-min - Ji Suk-jin, 'Jigsaw X degeneration great' shock visuals make up penalties 'Hilarious'

'Running Man' Yoo Jae Suk, Jigsaw make up for Jeon So-min In "You're the worst."

'Running Man' Jeon So-min and Ji Suk-jin shock make up..Park Jung Min, and Lim Ji-yeon with the best oil-painting 'Surprise'

'Running Man' Jeon So-min, Ji Suk-jin make up the "Wen know you" hilarious

'Running Man' Jeon So-min X, Ji Suk-jin, the shock of the opening make up penalties..members 'Amazement'

'Running Man' Jeon So-min X, Ji Suk-jin, opening penalties make up 'The'

'Running Man' Jeon So-min - Ji Suk-jin, the make up penalty

'Running Man' Jeon So-min X, Ji Suk-jin, the impact of the 'Opening of the make up penalty' with