EXO and FT Island and Lovelyz and X1 'As'

"Not natural"..Lovelyz Jung Yein, increasingly prettier but the visual youngest

Lovelyz Jung Yein, charming pure fun "Today, Sleep Well."

'mannequin, right?'..Lovelyz-American, a ridiculous full-rate

Each index is a Doll, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

"Today, lovely to".. Lovelyz case, pure sporty side

Lovelyz Lee Mi-joo 'Icy Road Walking Game the auger cause the hill cautiously'(Music Bank, Sorn)

Lovelyz Ryu Su-jeong,'Gorgeous fashion'

Lovelyz Lee Mi-joo, Sorn Goddess came.

Lovelyz Lee Mi-joo, a deadly sexy pose(Music Bank, Sorn)

Lovelyz Yoo Ji-ae 'Pure chic' (Music Bank, commute)

Lovelyz already, long padded inner one summer

Lovelyz Seo Ji-soo 'Close-Up, call Arctic fox memo' (Music Bank, commute)

Lovelyz Lee Mi-joo 'Sorn craftsmanship in A follow not~' (Music Bank, commute)

Lovelyz Jin dynasty 'Devilish doll visual' (Music Bank, commute)

Lovelyz Lee Mi-joo 'Indoor swimming pool in front of the Performance'

Lovelyz Lee Mi-joo 'The wind is this blowing also, as'

Lovelyz Lee Mi-joo 'Model-like gait'

Lovelyz Ryu Su-jeong 'Jewelry visual' (Music Bank, commute)

Lovelyz elite 'Cute for the youngest of hands and greetings~' (Music Bank, commute)