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'Extended 12 times-4 hours 2 minutes Bloody' NC-LG, Season, 1 Draw

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Lee Min-ho 'Today is this man'

Beautiful Lee Min-ho 'Hold the line, only for me~'

Lee Min-ho station battle

'Earned run average, 1.16' LG rookie Lee Min-ho, 2020 Rookie waited

LG Lee Min-ho, 2 consecutive 7 inning pitched..Season 2 wins

Jordi Alba and Lee Min-ho Active..LG, SK relative 'Doubleheader a'

Saturday rain forecast LG,SK days a week in a Doubleheader twice?

Will the Nickel car? Now it 'Lee Min-ho'with LG Ace may

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'112 station battle' 2 wins and exacted high resolution Nokia Lee Min-ho "Batter brethren, thank you"

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