Irene 'Biting Cold, ice, expression'

Jeong Hyeong-don 'Cold and sleepy and'

Type of change and the levels 'Music Bank scramble'

Irene 'Transcendence Beautiful looks'

Luna 'Sight grabs the Hopi Rajkot'

Bona 'Cosmic Girls Center Beautiful looks'

Lee Mi-joo 'Pure'

K 'The doll's Hand greeting'

Lee Mi-joo 'Dawn from excitement overflowing'

Luna 'A bright smile'

Yoon Bomi 'A chic all-black fashion'

Jung Eun-ji 'Fashionable sportswear Sorn'

Yoon Bomi 'Black Panther charisma'

Kim Nam-joo 'The woman shooter'

Sustained 'Slightly sleepy~'

Kim Do-yeon 'Model ratio'

Mina 'An increasingly smaller face'

Weki Meki oil 'Hand so cute'

Chae Yeon 'Music Bank, commute looks.'