Everglow, the new title song 'Duncan was'..EXO and Red Velvet work is supported

Boy group BTS's Twitter Inc. Account for 3 consecutive years around the world on Twitter Inc. The user most mentioned account tops the list.

BTS, K-POP new history to write.

BTS, a comeback on Day 5, music sales of 200 million 'Record of record'

BTS 'Billboards 200 chart'No. 1 achieved..K-POP new history writing or

BTS, beauty and the biker and 日 Music charts..K-POP new history

BTS 'Persona', Billboards200 1. to 3 first for business(comprehensive)

BTS, K-POP South your Shining Romance Departure way

Wanna One,Bae Jin Young here, hard to snipe one

BTS in 'Grammy', K-POP, full of dreams and raised.

BTS, DNA MV 6 billion, but achieving..K-POP groups for the mean chart, the first authentication

"BTS The Image represented"..the future, the practical question controversy

'Wish One' Kang Daniel's soft Sight

'Wish One' Bae Jin Young, Hwang Min-hyun, gazing Sight

'Wish One' Bae Jin Young,Kang Daniel moist eyes on the heart-fluttering

Wanna One,Kang Daniel Center for Advanced Visual!

The end hasn't Passion of Wanna One

Wanna One 2018 the best stage show.

Wanna One,Ong-Seong-wu blade-like jawline