U2 Adam Clayton, 'Passionate bass playing after all'

U2 Di edge, 'ELFi with both hands'

U2 Larry Darren McMullen JR, 'I'm sorry~wrist injury as the cause of'

U2, 'Reputation more as a friendly Bono'

NU'EST JR, Romantic one 'boyfriend photo'of

Samsung Group NU'EST(JR, Aaron, Baekho, Min Hyun, Ren)a member of the JR this sweet charm filled with single screen information to the public.

NU'EST 'The Table' Official photo unit male public 'visual Cooking Fever'

'Comeback' NU'EST, official photo revealed..fresh charm

NU'EST, Mini 7 house more 'Table(The Table)' Group official photo+Trailer footage the first public

NU'EST JR "new look show time seems to come"

New rental-JR-Min Hyun, 'Sweet morning greetings'

NU'EST JR, Hwang Min-hyun this 9 Afternoon Seoul MAPO-GU Sangam-Dong CJ ENM Center in Mnet 'M Countdown' rehearsal before the photo time to attend.

NU'EST JR 'Exercise as a slender to cheek'

NU'EST JR, male

NU'EST JR, women's holic smile

NU'EST JR, cute Squirtle of hearts

NU'EST The complete comeback, Hwang Min-hyun "Now You Wanna One, not the 'NU'EST'"

New East W Aaron, slim jeans fit strutting

New East W Jonghyun, 'From dawn to warming.~'

New East W paper, 'Pictorial cheat sheet if you like'