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'Hair-pin+glasses'..Red Velvet Seulgi, cuteness Explosion that item

'The Player' Express relations secret? With "guest custom item in the satisfaction ↑"

'The Player' PD "guest a personalized item thanks to increasingly eat around easier"

Kim Tae-ri X Front right, autumn AD the visual disclosure..Mature+elegant

Holy Trade Co., Ltd. this is with men's fashion brand Gio Georgia(ZIOZIA)the Actor Park Seo-joon, along with a 2019 F/W photoshoot to reveal.

Actor Park Bo-gum, this man had morphed into.

Actor Park Bo-gum this man as The Metamorphosis was.

Park Bo-gum, this is a 'Visual shock'

Actor Park Bo-gum this man as The Metamorphosis was.

So! put that side "Han Ji-min and his people in the new appeared offers"(official)

Actor Cha Jung-won, Shin Ye-eun, this is a visual of the jewelry pictorial revealed.

Jin Se-yeon 'Beautiful Profiler'

Ju Ji-hoon, 'Any unique poses'

Jin Se-yeon 'High Heels and striding'

Ju Ji-hoon 'Blue Dragon Film Awards Popular Star Award - M for indoor Flower printing'

'item' Lee Jung-hyun, the evil General was where and~ Pure Smile

Jin Se-yeon, item Party with the staff I came