"I hope you have a future husband."

EXID Hani is now on a trip to Hungary,

'Eye-catching leather skinny'

EXID Hani 'Intense Leather Skinny'

'Dude' Bae Yoon Jeong "The stage is Dark & ​​amp; Wild, the dance line is tierra delays 1st place"

'Tocktail 2' certification with beautiful ance

Yoo Jae-seok → Song Ji-hyo, Haha Celebrating 40-year-old birthday 'Running Man'

Did you call that?

EXID 'Completely finished in white dress'

EXID Hani 'The rabbit eyes surprised at the cloud fans who filled the departure hall'

EXID 'Rate without humiliation wearing sneakers'

'EXID', looks like a dazzling Morning light Beautiful looks

'EXID', you look lovely

Shannon "I like to read a lot, but I have a lot of fun."

Moon Shabet Seri, "My abdominal muscles are wriggling as I keep my yoga steady."

EXID, dirt and food is also pretty 'Bite'

What did you do?

'Sun Showcase Successful' EXID, updated from Japan to Self

Lotte Mart floats on EXID Goldfire