Hani, Solji sister with a happy commute

EXID Hani 'Hand greeting woven!'

EXID Hani 'For this example, joy phone should be!!'

EXID Hani 'Data-oriented day, I guess~'

EXID Hani 'Kids conditioned in holic~'

EXID Hani 'Today also pretty.'

EXID Hani 'The twins love twins'

EXID Hani 'Dark, dazzling visual'

EXID Hani, this is a look at the contrary?

EXID Hani, Entrance from the photoshoot eyes

EXID Hani - cleanse, elegant she they

EXID Hani, and personnel to as.~

EXID Hani, today, the Beautiful looks is the weight

EXID Hani 'Fatal Attractiveness combo'