EXID 'The overwhelming stage'

EXID, intense red gaze into pressure

EXID Hani, pretty.

EXID LE, a beautiful side line

The solution is not 'As a complete back.'(The Show)

The 'Show more'in this group Wanna One of this song, 'Spring breeze'with the 1 ranked.

Group Wanna One this comeback and at the same time 1 for trophies, it's a squirrel.

Group Wanna One this 'The Show' 1.

The group EXID and NCT 127, Wanna One this for 1 for against unfolded.

"Warner Cable all"..Wanna One, 'The Show'Stand Up Food Bag first comeback

EXID Hani 'Sexy red Fashion'

EXID Solji - . 'Us this.'

EXID Hani 'I Sunglass Hut writes and I'm set'

One 'Another AD, like a scene'

EXID Hani 'You can also look in The Shining Romance Beautiful looks'

EXID, Solji joined as a whole 'MU Bang' work

Girl group EXID's teaser, the third runner purification a teaser of The Image and the video, this was unveiled.

"I hope you have a future husband."

EXID Solji resumes activity after 1 year and 9 months

'Eye-catching leather skinny'