The bright smile left and leaving Solji

Solji, Mature charm exudes a unique Airport fashion

EXID Solji, Japan Tour back to the 'Airport fashion'

Solji, sense Worth Airport fashion

EXID Solji, early morning sunglasses cool after Airport fashion

EXID Solji, gaze robbed Airport fashion

EXID Hani 'For joy to clean up later'

EXID Hani 'Recognizable at a glance visual'

EXID Hani 'Sign when you are seriously'

EXID Hani 'Sign..... his eyes'

One of the bangs, use one

But, as the evening light on the water all the Beautiful looks

But, The wind City Spring Beautiful looks

But, The wind in the hair is a blow for joy as they

But the face, the light in me

EXID Hani 'The wind this night for'

One, world pretty airport company

One, cutie cake sparkles to the smile