BTS 'Better today' MV 3 billion, but 9 second

BTS, 'Not Today' MV 3 billion views 9 second

BTS, 'Not Today' music video 3 billion, but topped..9 second

Escape(脫)that owns the digital era, K-Pop is small.

BTS, DNA MV 6 billion, but achieving..K-POP groups for the mean chart, the first authentication

BTS 'DNA' MV 6 billion, but topped the "Korea Group first"

'World star DNA' BTS, a remarkable Departure way

BTS 'DNA', and Idol's first 6 billion but achieved..for the mean chart,

BTS 'DNA' music, Korean group's first 6 billion review ↑

BTS, the Korean representative Idol of's first 'DNA' music video hits 6 billion, but topped

BTS, 'DNA' mV 6 billion, I.."The Korean group's first record"

Group BTS of 'DNA'(DNA) music video of the Korean group's first YouTube hits 6 billion over him.