"LA SUPER LOOKIE"..Not, the beauty is common to all Storm popular

"LA Dance dream"..Yezi, powerful performance

"Beauty in, pure sexy"..Marseille, visual Queen presence

"Men can"..Sehun, a gentleman's dignity

"Want to hold a visual"..Jung Woo-sung, an absolute appearance

"Milky colored Handsome"..The Guardian, flawless honey skin

Baekhyun, 'Romantic floor from the Kim Part 2' OST participation.."Heart-wrenching vocals, expect to"

"Doctor should you be?"..Lee Sung-kyung, Beautiful looks of the Fellow

"Tightly Dress"..Lee Sung-kyung, Coke bottle body

Celebrity medium Dispatch 1 1 January Romance rumor this are not reported among online X1 For you and by definition is not of the Romance rumor this punctuated.

Online media Dispatch for interested hot.

"Visual Seoul Music Awards"..Lee Seung-gi, Prince force

Actor Jung Woo-sung, now existing heavy The Image with a 180 degree different look back.

'Not', the first overseas showcase success.."Asia fan properly, the hall was"

'Red Velvet' Yeri with a deadly the.