Singer Kang Daniel this comeback Countdown to took the plunge.

'EXO' Baekhyun this overwhelming charisma had emanated.

"Ratio year to you too"..Park Seo-joon, in reality only the edges over

"We read books for men"..Astro, smooth charisma (Teaser)

"Chanyeol and Chanyeol this facing was"..EXO, 'Options and more options' individual Teaser

'EXO'is a comeback Countdown on took the plunge.

"That means that forget it."..Lee Seung-gi, Dark Horse new

EXO, 'Options and more options' concept Trailer.."EXO VS X-EXO's Battle"

'EXO'is the comeback schedule was.

"Sight is intense."..Sehun, charisma eyes

"Still exhilarating to"..Jung Woo-sung, piece of the Aura

"The Juicer means the cow"..Han Ji-min, pink lovely

"Here.Heart.River.Escape"..the Guardian, soft charisma

"Blue Dragon of her"..Han Ji-min, a beautiful Miso

"Who the smaller one~"..Han Ji-min and Kim fragrance, and beauty of the prank

"Top Model this outing."..Kate Moss, The Incomparable charisma

"Edward Scissorhands, grease"..Yoo Jun-sang, woven throughout the explosion wind conditions weather

"Today, on campus training her"..Wendy, intelligent girl