Shin Hye-sun 'Striding Pan forward'

Shin Hye-sun 'Enjoy a stop to that Beautiful looks'

Shin Hye-sun 'Pure white fashion'

Park Jihoon - Bae Jin Young, by chance, Wanna One..cosmetics accompanying the Model was

'Wanna One Life' Park Jihoon and Bae Jin Young, cosmetics advertising models accompanied by foot washing

Clara 'Wedding ring fluttering Happiness, one smile'

Clara 'On the left ring Shining Romance marriage ring'

Clara 'Happiness for the new owners'

Clara 'marriage after more prettier with Beautiful looks'

Or 'cosmetics sale Queen'

Gong Yoo 'Be available on smile'

Gong Yoo 'Season ahead with spring'

Gong Yoo 'Heart-fluttering hearts Gong Yoo.'