28 afternoon Seoul Yeongdeungpo District CGV Yeouido in progress with 'The 40th annual Blue Dragon Film Awards' hand printing event to attend for Actor Han Ji-min, the Actor from the goal talked about.

Kim's fragrance So 'honored spot'

Han Ji-min - Kim fragrance 'One Talk'

Han Ji-min 'What flavor is it?'

Han Ji-min - Kim fragrance 'Glorious Hand printing attend'

Han Ji-min - Kim fragrance 'Bother PPL if you want'

Han Ji-min - Kim fragrance 'Eyes but Massage also Comforter'

Han Ji-min - Kim's fragrance 'Joy not hidden Comforter'

Han Ji-min 'Blue Dragon also slip is the'

Han Ji-min "Last year's Blue Dragon Film Awards Academy Award for Best Actress, a dream-like days they were"

Han Ji-min 'Elegance full! Cool appeared'

Han Ji-min - Kim scent 'Feel good the Hand printing ceremony'

Han Ji-min - Kim fragrance 'Enjoyable record! Hand printing'

Han Ji-min 'Blue Dragon Film Awards Hand printing attend'

Han Ji-min - Kim scent 'Feel good blue dragon Hand printing ceremony'

Han Ji-min, jewelry than the shining eyes

Han Ji-min 'Yes joy-filled face'

Han Ji-min 'Glorious Hand printing attend'

Han Ji-min 'Glorious blue dragon Hand printing'

Han Ji-min 'Hand printing holding'