'Running Man' members, Zico's new song 'Summer Hate' challenge the challenge!

Zico(ZICO)with Summer album 'Random box(RANDOM BOX)'of songs 'Cartoon' Mnet Asian Music Awards stills on public.

"Comment the roof of your hoard"..Zico, new song 'Summer Hate' concept revealed

The music industry of the 'Summer war'this fierce.

7 July comeback lineup #EXO #Red Velvet #Zico #GFriend

Singer Zico with handsome visuals were proud.

'Comeback D-4' AB6IX, 'ⅥVID' preview video revealed..Zico producing→infinite growth possibilities prove

'Shrewd Summer life' Zico album, 'Random box' Jacket The Image public

Zico, Preppy Outlook heap to digest the unique charm

Zico, the glare from the sunshine in the refreshing visual boast

Singer Zico and Kang Daniel's BET Hip Hop Award for Best Helps, Duo or Gr song 'Refresh(refresh)'is revealed.

Zico with fashion magazine Elle with the public.

'Running Man' Lee Kwang-Soo, the team members of betrayal in this story that seemed to defeat+penalty humiliation

'Running Man' Mineral Water team, again the betrayed into defeat..This expression with a Zico along with a penalty