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The dynamic Duo, 2019 sole Concert performance free..Psy - EXO Sehun&Chanyeol - Zico - crush as a guest shot

'Comeback D-1' Zico, the first Music album Highlight medley public 'Extended Music'

Coming 8, comeback ahead of Zico(ZICO)is the first Music album concept photo add public.

Producers and artist Zico(ZICO)is the first Music album of the first concept photo released.

Zico, "The Ides of March and want to" new goals and aspirations

debut the first Music album Zico "Now 'The Ides of March' I want to be"

Zico "Vary the way you work, my story to tell and"

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"autumn, the man of the season"..Man solo succession comeback

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