GFriend Hope this magnificence of beauty.."Sleep the coming night"

GFriend Kim Ye-won - Yuju - Hope, snow only backkom

Cherry tablet support - Yuju, than this more bright, you can't

Cherry tablet Yuju, 'Yes joy filled~'

GFriend Yuju, like a greeting

GFriend Yuju, 'Off expression'

GFriend Yuju, still half face

GFriend Yuju 'Clear and transparent, Beautiful looks'

Cherry tablet Yuju, 'Admiration call beauty'

Cherry tablet Yuju, 'Graceful, Beautiful looks strutting~'

GFriend Yuju 'Cold fashion'

GFriend Yuju, too skinny legs

GFriend Yuju, fresh, Beautiful looks 'Music Bank commute'

GFriend Yuju, the morning to awaken the baby to

GFriend Yuju, As'youthful'

GFriend Yuju,'Lovely day out' and'

GFriend Yuju, dolls Beautiful looks

GFriend 'Was to comeback showcase'

GFriend Yuju 'Feather lighter than~'

GFriend Yuju 'Beautiful dance lines'