China the Vietnam up..Vietnam edition 'Running Man' viewership 2 for 'Cruising'

Vietnam edition 'Running Man', Go the The Royal Gambler signs.. 2 times only in viewership lanky

Only available for 'Running Man' in China→Vietnam Service and also The Royal Gambler signs

Vietnam edition 'Running Man' in China is The Royal Gambler signs..viewership rise・400 but don't break

Vietnam edition 'Running Man', China in this Royal Gambler signs..2 times only in viewership lanky

'Running Man' Vietnam sale the local attention..broadcast 2 times but YouTube 400 but don't break

BTS YouTube about the history of the secret recipe..94 million AMI 'v!3w str34m' order

BTS Jimin, Solo song 'Serendipity' MV YouTube 9 million but topped

BTS, the shortest period of time YouTube 1 billion views, broke the record of

BTS,'DNA'to 7 billion breakthrough.. Korea singer largest record holding 'What'?

BTS, 'DNA' MV 7 billion, but topped..the comeback activities property record March

BTS 'DNA' 7 billion, but topped..Korea Group second

BTS 'FAKE LOVE' mV 5 billion, 'DNA' 7 billion, but topped

BTS, MV to a new record.."DNA, 7 billion views↑"

"Fold change" BTS, FAKE LOVE' MV 5 billion I+'DNA' 7 billion, but topped

BTS 'DNA' Korea Group Second 7 billion I broke..the first who?

BTS, 'Fake Love'and 'DNA' MV, respectively 5 billion and 7 billion, but topped

BTS, DNA 7 billion↑and page Love 5 billion↑..billion billion billion view

BTS 'DNA' 7 billion, but topped..Korea Group, the second(comprehensive)

MV 5 billion-7 billion I..the BTS of the recording is continued.