Song Ga-in, Black and white with the magnificence of elegant+graceful charm..every day prettier, but I

"The Role of black magic" eye protection River Park Bo-gum, a gift such as A Visit to Our Language

Park Bo-gum as the healing..'Sketchbook'→'Itaewon Club Festival' final up to expectations

Lee Seung Chul, Park Bo-gum and 'Yusuke' injuries, "The joke begins with a dream of color grabber"

Lee Seung Chul, Park Bo-gum and 'Yusuke' companion to feel the "Dream of the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Helps, Duo or Gr, the class is different."

"Equipment, Department, Room 1 open shooter"..'Sketchbook'→'Itaewon Class', today(21 days) Park Bo-gum data

Park Bo-gum, 'Our array of Sketchbook' spellbound stage "The first Dream Singer"

'Our array of sketchbook' Park Bo-gum "The original Dream Singer..lack skills for Acting"

'Our array of sketchbook' Park Bo-gum "The original dream? Singer Song Lighter, Acting as front"

'Our array of sketchbook' Park Bo-gum "When Singer dream"..the current 'Sam fry'and the songs are working

Park Bo-gum, Piano playing→song until..'Yusuke' caught attraction

'Yusuke' us the string "Park Bo-gum, me paper write me"

Park Bo-gum, keep our temperature even admiration for the Piano+vocal skills..MC progress until the(comprehensive)

Park Bo-gum in, 'Our array of sketchbook' sheet music for flower terminal

'Our array of sketchbook' us fever, Park Bo-gum towards the weeks close to the question "My Where has so good one?"

'Yusuke' Park Bo-gum, and the Piano playing from song up..our temperature and this rise rail 'Black holic'

'Yusuke' Park Bo-gum♡, level playing skills+live stage..Lee Seung Chul also praised(ft. Gift)