Samsung Group Wanna One-born Singer Yoon Ji-sung this birthday in the right way.

New this Min Hyun, the most anticipated musical hit # 1..Yoon Ji-sung # 2

NU'EST Hwang Min-hyun, 'the most anticipated musical idol' voted # 1.. # 2 is Yoon Ji-sung

Yoon Ji-sung, The Last Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation/08 town and Entrance soon military.

Yoon Ji-sung fans, a friendly eye out 'Airport fashion'

Yoon Ji-sung, the fans toward the Ah 'Airport fashion'

Yoon Ji-sung, The Mask, go to Yoon Ji-sung 'Airport fashion'

Yoon Ji-sung, a closer look at this feeling

Yoon Ji-sung, will not want to miss~

Yoon Ji-sung, Executive Protection our Departure the way

Yoon Ji-sung,cute hearts series

Yoon Ji-sung - Lee Dae-hwi 'A heart-warming friend'

Lee Dae-hwi - Yoon Ji-sung 'Fashion show met Wanna One'

Yoon Ji-sung 'In fashion a little nervous wrote.'

Yoon Ji-sung 'Cute eyes'

Yoon Ji-sung 'Good to see you.'

Yoon Ji-sung 'Belt 2 Need patch speed'

Yoon Ji-sung 'Here is my Heart'

Yoon Ji-sung 'Cool into the heart Rob'

Song Joong-ki and IU and Nam Joo-hyuk and Yoon Ji-sung★, for example, Donation to stand heart