Jung Woo-sung X Yoo Yeon-seok X Kwok also 'Steel 2' opening, expect up training throughout the St. Paul group shot

'South' Jung Woo-sung and 'North' Yoo Yeon-seok..'Steel 2'of the two

'Who is more awesome?' Jung Woo-sung - Kwok also - Yoo Yeon-seok, the man in the other suit fit!

'Steel 2' Kwok also "President Jung Woo-sung, us no"

Civil case search state if the property scramble 'Steel 2, more sober imagination in my head.

'Steel 2' Jung Woo-sung "Action?..This time, another dimension of oral action"

Jung Woo-sung X Kwok also X Yoo Yeon-seok,'Steel 2' fighting!

Kwok also - Yoo Yeon-seok - Jung Woo-sung, smoke wave 3

A sequel is a sequel, not a 'Steel 2'..escape into my Jung Woo-sung and it goes on Kwok also (comprehensive)

'Steel 2' Jung Woo-sung "Korean President, a role entrusted to the Bishop, me why you do this think"

Jung Woo-sung - Yoo Yeon-seok - Kwok also 'Steel 2: the 2007 inter-Korean summit, and I look forward to'

'Steel Rain2' Yoo Yeon-seok "It is the Chairman Character, two new challenge was"

Jung Woo-sung - coincidence analysis 'Appearance as honey cannot be civil more'

Jung Woo-sung - Yoo Yeon-seok 'Looks much like a movie is a South-North Korean'

'Steel 2' Yoo Yeon-seok "The North Committee role, scared but eager to try was"

'Steel 2' Kwok also "President in charge thought..Jung Woo-sung this to us is not wanted" your

Jung Woo-sung - Yoo Yeon-seok 'Heart-warming South-North Korean'

Jung Woo-sung,Kwok also,Yoo Yeon-seok 'Steel 2:the 2007 inter-Korean summit' forward to more!

Steel 2 production presentation attended by Jung Woo-sung - Kwok also - Yoo Yeon-seok

Yoo Yeon-seok 'Center in exchange for Miso'