'In the Mood for Love' Yoo Ji-tae x the videos, the Mello-in Actors of the encounters as well

'In the mood' this video alone steel cut..the ultimate pure beauty

Yoo Ji-tae's celebration has received Jung Woo-sung

'Yoo Ji-tae♥ Kim Hyo-Jin, looks as wonderful as the human "Pets Adoption culture join"

Yoo Ji-tae - Ryu Jun-yeol - Jo Woo-jin, 'Money'and it clicks

Ryu Jun-yeol - Yoo Ji-tae - Jo Woo-jin, 3 3 colors fashion 'Money'

Yoo Ji-tae, the audience, explosive with a heartwarming smile 'Money Stage Company'

Yoo Ji-tae 'Admiration coming out of the coat fit'

Yoo Ji-tae, Sight-catching fashion 'Money'

'House from itself', Lee Sang-yoon price blonde dyeing hair makeover "'gas station can price events' Yoo Ji-tae is cool in"

'Yoo Ji-tae ♥ Kim Hyo-jin, it was the perfect body part.

Kim Hyo-jin - Yoo Ji-tae, 'Honey dripping couple' (Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & amp;

Kim Hyo-jin and Yoo Ji-tae 'I do not have a hand's okay'