EXO Chen 'Drowsy eyes'

EXO Chen, a laugh

EXO Chen 'Please love it a lot'

EXO Chen, 'We How do I' title song

Women's melting visuals EXO Chen

EXO Chen, a romantic melody

EXO Chen, emotion-filled stage canvas as background

EXO Chen 'Romantic melodies'

EXO Chen, dreamlike

EXO Chen, trendy vocal feeling

EXO Chen 'We How do I'

EXO Chen alone, in a full stage!

EXO Chen, the new song Emotional Baggage much~

EXO Chen 'Sweet song'

EXO Chen 'Mind melting away'

EXO Sehun, sweet smile appeared

EXO Chen 'And the last boyfriend'

EXO Chen 'We How do I'

EXO Chen, as

EXO Chen 'Quivering greetings'