Samsung Group GFriend member Yerin's sole pictorial with SinB on the exposed.

GFriend Yerin this versatile charm to show him.

Yerin this cute sheep bookmark old Self was a gift.

Girl friend Yerin and Kim Ye-won with a birthday celebration was given.

GFriend Yerin this 24-second birthday.

GFriend Hope this magnificence of beauty.."Sleep the coming night"

GFriend Yerin 'Happiness, smile'

GFriend Yerin 'Women's fragrance'

GFriend Yerin, Departure fashion

GFriend Yerin, lovely off-the-shoulder~

GFriend Yerin - SinB,'Dazzling Beautiful looks Battle'

"For joy+cute"..Yerin, visual center

Yerin 'Heap up stage costume'

GFriend Yerin, tea without skin..pure application simple

GFriend Yerin 'Warm mouth and came.'

GFriend Yerin, Breakfast of heart-fluttering greetings

GFriend Yerin, this one? 'Music Bank commute'

GFriend Yerin,'Pan gave these letters to cherish holding'

GFriend Yerin 'Hair or that might be'

GFriend Yerin 'Doll? Man?'