Girl friend Yerin and Kim Ye-won with a birthday celebration was given.

GFriend Yerin this 24-second birthday.

GFriend Hope this magnificence of beauty.."Sleep the coming night"

GFriend Yerin 'Happiness, smile'

GFriend Yerin 'Women's fragrance'

GFriend Yerin, Departure fashion

GFriend Yerin, lovely off-the-shoulder~

GFriend Yerin - SinB,'Dazzling Beautiful looks Battle'

"For joy+cute"..Yerin, visual center

Yerin 'Heap up stage costume'

GFriend Yerin, tea without skin..pure application simple

GFriend Yerin 'Warm mouth and came.'

GFriend Yerin, Breakfast of heart-fluttering greetings

GFriend Yerin, this one? 'Music Bank commute'

GFriend Yerin,'Pan gave these letters to cherish holding'

GFriend Yerin 'Hair or that might be'

GFriend Yerin 'Doll? Man?'

GFriend Yerin 'DOE-eyed'

GFriend 'Was to comeback showcase'

GFriend Yerin 'Elegantly'