Group GFriend member Yerin, this cute, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

Apink Oh Ha-young X Red Velvet Joy X Girlfriend Yerin, all pretty Bill Nye, twenty-five

GFriend Yerin and SinB with a fantastic charm to show him.

Group GFriend(GFRIEND wish Yerin is a very mysterious thumb)member Yerin, this Red Velvet member Joy and photos taken in public.

Samsung Group GFriend member Yerin's sole pictorial with SinB on the exposed.

GFriend Yerin this versatile charm to show him.

Yerin this cute sheep bookmark old Self was a gift.

Girl friend Yerin and Kim Ye-won with a birthday celebration was given.

GFriend Yerin this 24-second birthday.

GFriend Hope this magnificence of beauty.."Sleep the coming night"

GFriend Yerin 'Happiness, smile'

GFriend Yerin 'Women's fragrance'

GFriend Yerin, Departure fashion

GFriend Yerin, lovely off-the-shoulder~

GFriend Yerin - SinB,'Dazzling Beautiful looks Battle'

"For joy+cute"..Yerin, visual center

Yerin 'Heap up stage costume'

GFriend Yerin, tea without skin..pure application simple

GFriend Yerin 'Warm mouth and came.'

GFriend Yerin, Breakfast of heart-fluttering greetings