'New building Na Hae-ryung' Shin Se-kyung, a paintbrush instead of a bow caught..Cha Eun-woo front Yeri for eyes

'New building Na Hae-ryung' Shin Se-kyung, the brush instead of holding the bow..Cha Eun-woo and Park Heroes front Yeri for eyes

Red Velvet Yeri laugh, though I had a refreshing fruit juice stand

Yeri, Red Velvet was the youngest right? Mature beauty↑ alluring eyes in a heart-fluttering

Hong Jong-Hyun piece, such as their status, Yeri Han visage+superior Person Height

Red Velvet Yeri, my city, the Blue jeans I wore as

'Center stand I would like'..Red Velvet Yeri, the ultimate visual

"Jungle Book English class dad and daughter" Lee Seung-Yoon, Red Velvet Yeri next to Father

Girl group Red Velvet Irene's airport photo became a hot topic among Irene's usual lovely look eye-catching.

Red Velvet Yeri, slimming wrap and

Red Velvet Yeri, Wooju Pop smile

Red Velvet Yeri 'Cold and sleepy.'(Music Bank, Sorn)

Red Velvet Yeri, night stall attached ideal bag holding

Red Velvet Irene - Yeri 'The hearts look pretty~'

Seo Hyun-jin, Lee Min Ki and Lee Da-hee, Ahn Jae-hyun of double update ...

Taeyeon, 'I'm scared.'

Red Velvet X Sabrina Jennifer Carpenter, "This combination jackpot"

Red Velvet Place 'I was surprised at the wisdom of my sister.'

"Is not it a princess?" .. Red Velvet Yeri,