Han Ji-min, 'Classy of her'

Han Ji-min, 'Tangy charm'

Han Ji-min - Kim fragrance, 'Hong Cho drink between two and noticed a fight'

Han Ji-min, 'Palm City pretty, right?'

Han Ji-min, 'Acting life maximum of'

Han Ji-min, 'The autumn atmosphere is well~'

Han Ji-min, 'Blue Dragon of her'

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Juan Gabriel Luna 'Affectionately'

Juan Gabriel Luna 'Sweet Miso'

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 'It's me, The Terminator'

Juan Gabriel Luna 'The Gift reload complete'

Natalia Reyes 'Red Carpet one of the'

Thomasin McKenzie Davis 'Self request any~'

Thomasin McKenzie Davis 'The Korean fans in the open room'

Actor Arnold Super Etoile Genesis or 21 afternoon Seoul, Yeongdeungpo-GU, IFC Mall opened in The movie 'The Terminator:dark paint' my red carpet events take a selfie from there.

Linda Ronstadt Hamilton 'Sarah Connor Miso'

Juan Gabriel Luna 'Cause I'll'

Natalia Reyes 'Lavish hearts baptism'

Linda Ronstadt Hamilton 'In one'

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Return of The Terminator'