Amount beautiful 'Very carefully'

Kim Min-jung, 'the Whiteness of pure fun'

Lee Yi-kyung 'Power over fighting'

Han Hye-yeon, the star more than the Star 'Super Service' (Next plc Beauty Creator)

Han Ji-min 'See the balloon'

'Action Man Dark Phoenix' Sophie Turner, the mystical eyes!

Capt, somewhere awkward fashion

This wisdom very 'Pure textbook'

Kim Ye-won, footfall is also beautiful.

Kim Min-jung, 'Pure white beauty'

Nam Joo-hyuk - Son ho joon, 'The'

Tender, Cho U-jong, and caught his smile

TWICE TZUYU, 'The two eyes of the Beautiful looks'

B1A4 'Right&faction after the withdrawal of 3 as the first official magnet more'

"Today, on campus training her"..Wendy, intelligent girl

Type of change and for the standard 'Early morning Music Bank commute'

Lovelyz Ryu Su-jeong,'Gorgeous fashion'

Jeong Hyeong-don 'Cold and sleepy and'

Type of change and the levels 'Music Bank scramble'

Yubin, Asphalt road through quality, as for Kill Hill