Boise man Nathan Maurice, wife, flowers delivered to a Until~

EXO Guardian, surprisingly cute bread hat

Park Bo-gum, the fans mother mother cute to admire the visuals

EXO Guardian, pictorial, like the close-up visuals

Adriatic Valley, or the Korean fans for busy busy

Adriatic Valley, or this or finally sign~

Adriatic Valley, or the load is too much.~

'Blue Dragon Film Awards' Jung Woo-sung's heyday!

EXO Guardian, heart-fluttering!

EXO Guardian, sweet visuals

'Blue Dragon Vietnam, and very, very' Jung Woo-sung, 'This Joy Lee Jung-jae with'

Jung Woo-sung 'Can't believe that blue dragon over, and very, very'

Jung Woo-sung 'Heartfelt thanks price the tightest'

Jung Woo-sung 'Finally, the first recipient of the Blue Dragon over, and very, very'

Yoo Ji-tae's celebration has received Jung Woo-sung

Jung Woo-sung 'Inspiration Blue Dragon Film Awards Academy Awards'

Jung Woo-sung and Jung Hae In and Lee Kwang-Soo 'Autumn nights Red Carpet to sewn a handsome'

Jung Woo-sung, heart-fluttering Hand greeting (the Blue Dragon Film Awards)

Jung Woo-sung 'The perfect suit fit'

Jung Woo-sung 'Fell a footfall'