Im Yoon-ah, no need to say that Goddess this.

Sandara 'A long time flying in the flummoxed'

Sandara 'All black in The Shining Romance Beautiful looks'

Nam Joo-hyuk 'Cute Rin'

Nam Joo-hyuk 'Is eye perfect'

Nam Joo-hyuk 'Face Line soft man'

Nam Joo-hyuk 'Skin lotion, but the right bare face'

Nam Joo-hyuk'187cm of a male'

Nam Joo-hyuk 'Scratching figure'

Nam Joo-hyuk 'This letter taps must be it!'

Nam Joo-hyuk 'Eyes slightly'

Nam Joo-hyuk 'Dandy brother'

EXID Hani 'For this example, joy phone should be!!'

EXID Hani 'Data-oriented day, I guess~'

EXID Hani 'Hand greeting woven!'

EXID Hani 'Kids conditioned in holic~'

EXID Hani 'Today also pretty.'

EXID Hani 'Dark, dazzling visual'

EXID Hani 'The twins love twins'