EXO Guardian 'Today, a handsome overtime during the rabbit Prince gave you'

'Bizarre Story 3' the main areas they met EXO

EXO Kai 'The fans and the exciting autograph session'

EXO Kai 'The bizarre story please'

EXO Kai's 'Caleb~ we on this side see it?'

EXO Kai's 'Caleb McLaughlin with~'

EXO Kai 'Today is the United States of America Friends guide~'

EXO Guardian 'The bizarre story Actors with~'

EXO Guardian - Kai 'The bizarre story along with it'

EXO Guardian 'The bizarre story fan.'

EXO Kai's 'Caleb Korea fans to~'

Cheers surprised by the play button

EXO Kai's 'In Korea, so take that you'll~'

EXO, 'Bizarre Story 3' cast and encounters

EXO Guardian 'Fans and time together'

EXO Guardian 'Gay button Matara and V~'

Caleb - gay button 'To dolls to get fired'

EXO Guardian - Kai 'This friends and Seoul tour did'

Guardian - Kai 'Actors and friends lost.'

Yoo Jun-sang 'Under the nails, on the greasy bunch'