Lee Min-ho, 'The King' End a beautiful day to take the Yellow Emperor visuals for "The hi"

'Ducking' Lee Min-ho, reverse this process with Decapitation

'Ducking' in this picture, Lee Min-ho in the Decapitation you were

Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan, a different face, such as 'Handsome'..Yellow Emperor and spirit

Lee Min-ho, 'Ducking' During Shooting rest 'Fallen Yellow Emperor'..Woo Do-hwan "Wake up show bar list."

Lee Min-ho, after the shoot out but the rest scene..Yellow Emperor of where?

Lee Min-ho, visual Yellow Emperor The Last of the greeting "BYE 2gon"

'The King' Lee Min-ho, End feel "Depth work, this long Memory in the South seems to be"

'The King' Lee Min-ho, 30 for more depth and the Actor as more solid was

Lee Min-ho "'the King', 30 learning from the start"

'The King' Lee Min-ho, Actor on more solid was

'The King' Lee Min-ho "30 learn from the start.. hard to tell me, I will go"

Lee Min-ho "'Ducking:the Eternal General', His be one page decoration" small toys

'Ducking' Lee Min-ho "30 for the Actor to begin with, of nutriment by the time be remembered" kind of Crush

'The King' Lee Min-ho "30 for the first work, his time was"

'Ducking' Lee Min-ho "30 learning from the start and nourishment, tightly I will"

'The King' Lee Min-ho "Long Memory in the South seems to be. Steps tightly I will"

Lee Min-ho "'Ducking' Nourishment of time with long be remembered" kind of Crush

Lee Min-ho live in was possible with 'The King' fantasy..30 for more depth for hot-rolled

End 'Ducking' Kim Go-eun, Lee Min-ho should forgot..the love confession after a kiss