Ye Ji-won 'Glowing porcelain skin'

Ye Ji-won "I have never worked for love and love."

Ye Ji-won 'A fashionable feeling'

Ye Ji-won 'Increasingly difficult beauty'

"Good drama, who is not?" .. "Thirty"

'Thirty' Shin Hye-sun X Yang Se-jong (2%

"Healing to the end" ending "Thirty", perfect harmony of good drama and performance

"who are you" .. 'Thirty' Ye Ji-won, Mystery A Case of Identity Immediate Release

'Thirty', from the first to the strongest month of the month .. The secret of the audience caught 4

'Thirty' Shin Hye-sun, 13 years of conscious looking and confusion .. Yang Se-jong and fate reunion

'Thirty' Shin Hye-sun, seventeen ↔ thirty ogwan performance .. 'Golden' naked