'Radio Star' Seong-gyu "Kang Ha-neul and EXO Xiumin and Yoon Sung if Without End can"

EXO "Xiumin Do Kyung-soo Enlisted and part with Imported lined..cotton Board yet"

'Knowing Bros' EXO "Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin, Enlisted after saying much"

'Well brother' EXO, 8 years down the farm profit Artistic sensation

'Knowing Bros' EXO "Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin Enlisted, May is, and always was"

'Well brother' EXO Xiumin X Dio, Army from Can the war pig

'Knowing Bros' EXO "the Army goes Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin, recently, like a meal..the interview will go"

EXO Kai "Army between Xiumin contact a lot and, nowadays, a little chew"

'Well brother' Kai "軍 life of Xiumin, end without contact with..Do Kyung-soo is saying much"

'Well brother' Xiumin "EXO group chat, military time Chanyeol daily flick out"

'Knowing Bros' EXO, Military service Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin mentioned "This has led"

'Gashina (Live/2017)' EXO comeback the same time 1 for "Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin thank you"

'Gashina (Live/2017)' EXO comeback at the same time 1 for "Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin thank you"(comprehensive)

The 'Show Music Center' EXO, IU, beating comeback at the same time 1.."'soldiers' Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin thank you!"

'Gashina (Live/2017)' EXO, Noel and IU and 1 for.."Xiumin and design audit"

'Gashina (Live/2017)' EXO, comeback soon # 1.."Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin love" feel