"WE ARE ONE"..Xiumin ' s Do Kyung-soo The Guardian, EXO-third Enlisted members(comprehensive)

The Guardian, Xiumin - Do Kyung-soo this EXO the third Enlisted "You will want to look"

The Guardian, 5 14 military..EXO Xiumin and Do Kyung-soo this is the third(comprehensive)

EXO Guardian, 5 November 14 Enlisted..Xiumin and Do Kyung-soo this is the third

"I will miss you." The Guardian, 5 14 mouth..EXO one third Military start

EXO Xiumin 'El children who grew up to win the fairies will'

EXO Xiumin birthday, yeah 'Top' Donation request with a selected

"Back and wait for the"..EXO Xiumin, 'Bear your EXO El'this send The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Langua

Xiumin fans, disability, child rehabilitation service Donation..up to 4 years

3 26, today's idol is? EXO(EXO) 'Xiumin'

Xiumin(XIUMIN), Min-Suk wings off and down which have been (feat.Happy Minseok it♥)

EXO Xiumin fan club, Xiumin birthday right Donation..4 years is about 2000 million

EXO Xiumin fan club, birthday memorial handicapped children rehabilitation equipment Donation

SHINee Minho→EXO Xiumin, military Bag End→the year 'Civilians'that Idol★

'Radio Star' Seong-gyu "Kang Ha-neul and EXO Xiumin and Yoon Sung if Without End can"

EXO "Xiumin Do Kyung-soo Enlisted and part with Imported lined..cotton Board yet"

'Knowing Bros' EXO "Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin, Enlisted after saying much"

'Well brother' EXO, 8 years down the farm profit Artistic sensation

'Knowing Bros' EXO "Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin Enlisted, May is, and always was"