Woo Do-hwan 'Lion' who is called a sexy smile, who correctly sniper

The movie 'Lion'last Weekend Seoul area, the stage into the audience and met.

The movie 'Lion'(Director Kim Joo Hwan)this past Weekend Seoul area stage through the audience to the Met.

② 'Lion' Woo Do-hwan "Screen first starring Salman Khan burden than public art and accountability"

Woo Do-hwan, the fans cheered in Surprise technology

Ahn Sung-Ki,Park Seo-joon - Woo Do-hwan, along with heart-warming smile

Park Seo-joon Ahn Sung-Ki Woo Do-hwan 'Lion's main'

Park Seo-joon 'to Believe that' supervision, just as Kim Joo hwan Director.

The film 'Lion'the film belongs to the sophisticated CG of the fabrication process, is first unveiled.

Actor Ahn Sung-Ki, Park Seo-joon, Woo Do-hwan's heart-warming 'Kemi'the Snowy Road leads.

"And York results of"..'Lion' black magic trapped in Woo Do-hwan acting skills

The movie 'Lion'(Kim Ju-Hwan Director)of undisclosed Steele was unveiled.

Actor City surprised real.

Fantasy with intense action, and explosive smoke and hot drama with a popular movie 'Lion'(Director Kim Joo Hwan, offer distribution, Lotte Entertainment, production keys, and co-produced seven Studio Sussex)last Weekend Seoul area stage through the audience and met.

'Lion' safety because "He too had met the audience but glad"

'Lion' Director "Seasoned safety, and not entertained funny thing"