Park Min-ji 'I'm nervous and I can not drink water.'

Seo Young-hee 'Horror queen's scary pose'

Seo Young-hee 'Horror queen and eye contact greetings'

Group A Pink Son Na-eun is attending the premiere of 'Woman's Wail' at the CGV Yongsan CGV in Seoul on the afternoon of the afternoon.

Seo Young-hee showed satisfaction with Earthworm Noodle God.

'Waist too thin' .. Son Na-eun, grabbing a running skirt

Son Na-eun 'He is also walking.'

Seo Young-hee 'Son Na-eun I can not adapt to praise'

Park Min-ji 'Careful stepping in'

Seo Young-hee 'Ghost pose trying to challenge laugh'

Seo Young-hee, 'I'm so embarrassed.'

"Cute Hadang mi" .. Son Na-eun, Goddess's mistake

Seo Young-hee - Son Na-eun, 'Seniors and juniors in horror movies'

Seo Young-hee - Son Na-eun, 'Horror queen and horror stone encounter'

Son Na-eun, 'She knows the poses'

Son Na-eun, I thought you were nervous.

Son Na-eun 'Beauty to live alone in the world'

Son Na-eun 'This is the doll's beauty'

Son Na-eun, 'Endless praise for seniors'