Red Velvet Wendy 'A lot of baby sharks ~

"The summer's strongest comeback" .. Red Velvet, soft power loading completed

Red Velvet Waiting room ahead of comeback

Red Velvet Wendy 'Heat wave blowing Airport fashion'

Wanna One Park Woo-jin starring M / V scene still cut open

Irene, airport look alright!

Irene 'Summer fashion for vacation'

'Red Velvet' Irene, fresh in jeans fashion

'Red Velvet' Irene, an eye-catching beauty

Red Velvet Irene X Wendy X wisdom, 'Innocence Charm'

'Yusuke' Eric Nam "BTS RM X Sugar X Vu, lots of advice on the album"

"Level flower is full" Red Velvet 'Beauty in full bloom'

Red velvet, the past decadent dance dance 'Birth of new beagle stone'