Weki Meki Kim Do-yeon "Today is the only choice for men and women and that Thursday!"..Expectations UP

The best in the world, 'Okay' UP speed on surprise "Speed them not to be"

Weki Meki Kim Do-yeon, black and white, with a overwhelming atmosphere

Fantastic atmosphere..Summer Goddess Weki Meki

The best in the world and Joe Yuri, Twins with the same visual "Joe world? The best glass?"

'Comeback' Weki Meki, alluring beauty column will be exploded

Weki Meki, 'OOPSY' music in the first Teaser style, The Metamorphosis

Weki Meki the best in the World, cute tuk tuks everyday

Within a group Weki Meki best free home Self disclosed.

'Running Man' Yoo Jae Suk "The best in the world, debut in seconds and feel the moon has disappeared"

'Running Man' Lovelyz America "Kim Jong Kook voice, seriously sweet power"

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Lua with big eyes was proud.

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