"Set a reserve you some"..'Shin Min-chul♥' Hyeolim, Wedding ceremony one day ahead of the 'Elegance for One's own health'

'Sooyoung♥'Jung Kyung-ho, Wedding ceremony Service and capture..'Nuisance guests' sound out 'Warming'function

Kim Joon Hee "Wedding ceremony well-finished, and Black Honeymoon is a domestic Golf Travel"

'EXO' first sold over Chen, today scored her "Dad was"

EXO Chen, dad was.."Today(29 days) save her"(official)

'A Surprise marriage announcement' EXO Chen, today scored her

EXO Chen, today Cheongdam Marie acid and in scoring her

The four youngest Lee Cho-hee and Ji Il-joo of loving Wedding ceremony scene was unveiled.

Last week, trending, EXO Chen's surprise marriage announcement

'The love of landed' Hyun Bin・standing wisdom, cool atmosphere captured.."marriage food when I please."

EXO Chen, 3 days hot for marriage+2 years announcement..pole and pole fandom→日 and go with Clijsters shakes

EXO Chen this hassle 16 and Pregnant and the marriage announced at once, for among Wedding ceremony on a raised sidewalk has emerged.

EXO Chen, marriage "marriage related all Guilty by Suspicion"

EXO Chen, marriage+pre-marital pregnancy surprise announcement.."A lifetime with a woman who wants to"

"EXO 1 Married birth"..EXO Chen, a surprise marriage announcement→2 The World News(the professional)

EXO Chen, a surprise marriage announcement "Blessings and..members and fans, Thank You"

EXO Chen, a surprise marriage announcement.."Blessings, come to find out"(Composite)

EXO Chen, a friend-type marriage 3 months in the marriage announcement..Army is a problem?

"Blessing, come to find out"..EXO Chen, a surprise marriage announcement, fans panic VS cheer