'Jungle's Law' Heat wave + hunger,

'Airport reception' Wanna One 'World Tour through the heat'

Lee Dae-hwi

Lai Kuan-lin, 'Outstanding white skin'

Wanna One Bae Jin Young - Ha Sung-woon 'Mask is required'

Wanna One (WANNAONE) Ong Seong-wu, 'Hornbone's nose' (Airport Fashion)

Wanna One Naeban 'I've been to America.'

Wanna One (WANNAONE) Bae Jin Young, 'Entrance way with music' (Airport Fashion)

Kim Jae-hwan, 'Neat shirt and jeans'

Hwang Min-hyun 'Black & White Fashion'

Wanna One LA City Hall 'City airport fashion in jeans'

Wanna One Hwang Minhyun 'I just walk on the floor.'

Yoon Ji-sung, 'Mask reader'

Ha Sung-woon, 'Mask and hat are essential'

Wanna One Ong Seong-wu 'A brilliant presence'

Wanna One Ong Seong-wu 'Comfortable training fashion'

Wanna One Bae Jin Young 'A compelling place'

Wanna One Park Woo-jin 'Visual that can not be masked even with mask'

Ong Seong-wu, 'Drag a small carrier'

Wanna One Yoon Ji-sung 'Shorts for the heat'